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 Versatile store for driving, boating and leisure time!

Founded in 1981, we are the most versatile shop of Uusimaa, you will be served by the Jansson family.


Why Hangon Auto- ja Venetalo?

As a result of good cooperation with our principals we have a solid foundation for customer insight and reliableconnection work.

We know our customer and understand his/her needs. We work carefully to ensure quality.

We have authorized service for all machines and equipment we sell.

We are near the customer and reliable.

In addition, we have a glimpse of the summer sale in the Eastern Harbour store cottages.

Please look at our Finnish pages for more information about our products. We will publish the translation of the pages later.

Kind regards

Latest News


Summershop closed this summer. We`ll help you at main place, Espanaadi 130.

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Hangon auto- ja venetalo

Esplanadi 130, 10900 Hanko

Hangö bil- och båthus

Summer shop

Rantakatu 9, 10900 Hanko



Latitude 59.828346 Longitude 22.965856


Hangon auto- ja venetalo / Tel: (019) 267 6700 / Mail: office(at)